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We get you. You have lots of awesome stuff. Maybe you already rent it out, or maybe you’re just toying with the idea.

Enter Rentivist. We connect you with the people who want to rent your stuff. We make it easy to catalog your items and set your terms, then we take care of bringing the renter community to you. And because we’re subscription-based, we never take a cut of your rental fees. The more you list and the more you encourage your peers to list and your clients to browse all the rentables, the bigger our community will become.

And hey, just because you’re here to list stuff doesn’t mean you can’t rent a few things for yourself, too, right? Browse to your heart’s content.

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Tier 1

$25 per month // $240 per year


  • 1 photo per item
  • Up to 15 items in your Collection

Tier 2

$50 per month // $480 per year


  • 3 photos per item
  • Up to 50 items in your Collection
  • Link to business website

Tier 3

$75 per month // $720 per year


  • 6 photos per item
  • Unlimited items in your Collection
  • Featured listings
  • Link to business website