Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Rentivist?

It’s simple really. We’re a community of people who have stuff to rent, and people who want to rent stuff. The bigger our community grows, the more renters we’ll attract. So please, spread the word. If you’re so inclined, we love seeing #rentivist pop up across the web. And when you hashtag us, we might contact you about featuring your rentables (What’s a rentable?? See below).

Check out our download-ready Field Guide for a primer here

Who are Listers?

Our Listers are collectors, curators, owners and makers of really cool things. They’re florists with vases for days, tent rental companies, moms who have a garage full of amazing finds, brides and grooms who spent hours at thrift store curating their exact wedding style, and so much more. They might be individuals, vintage rental companies or traditional event rental businesses. Basically, Listers are the heart of Rentivist because they list and share their goods with the rental world. We love our Listers and frequently post useful information and insights on our blog.


Who can rent stuff on Rentivist?

You and everyone you know! Our typical renters include wedding and event planners, home stagers, photographers, stylists and people who are hosting special events. But Rentivist is for all people who need to rent special items for any reason. Remember to tell your friends, family, coworkers and social media circles about Rentivist. The bigger our community grows, the better it will be for everyone. For tips and guidance on how to get the most out of Rentivist as a renter, visit our blog.


Can I be both a Lister and a Renter?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. Renters can browse for free. To become a Lister, we have a tiered subscription service, starting with a free 14-day trial period.


What kind of stuff will I find here?

The sky’s the limit, really. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can browse by category. As our community grows (with your help, please!) we will add new categories and tags to make browsing as efficient as possible.


What are Rentables?

“Rentables” is our term of endearment for anything and everything that can be rented. We’re trying to make it a thing. See?: #rentables.


What is a Collection?

A Collection is the Lister’s storefront. It’s where Listers display their inventory, specify their rental policies, tell their own story and detail any extra additional information.

A Collection page is a great option if you’re currently using Craigslist to promote your rental items. It’s a cleaner user experience, and puts all your items in one spot. Plus, you can link to your Collection directly from your Craigslist post.

Collection pages also serve as a homepage for any Lister who doesn’t want to make or maintain their own website.


What is the Rentilist?

Great question. The Rentilist is an easy tool that allows you to curate and save the rentables you want (even if the items are from different Listers) and easily connect with Listers to facilitate a rental or ask questions about specific items.

Simply click the heart by the items you love and they’re added to your Rentilist. The Rentilist tool keeps those items organized by collection, but you can also organize by ideas, events, inspiration or however it works best for you. The benefit over other sites is that you know all of these items are actually available to rent! Once you’ve found all the items you want/need/love, you can contact the Lister(s) via your Rentilist to ask questions or facilitate your rental.

Important note! You must create an account to save your Rentilist. Otherwise your Rentilist (and all your hard work searching!) will disappear when you leave our site.


How much does it cost to list a rental Collection?

When you decide to become a Lister, you can choose from one of our three tiers of subscriptions. Every new Lister receives a 14 day free trial to let you confirm you've selected the right subscription. Our goal is that we’ll learn together, promote each other and get the word out that we’re making better events happen with more access to really special stuff. Remember that we never take a cut of your rental fees.


What do you do for me as a Lister? Are there any hidden fees?

The short answer: no! The long answer: no! We are a subscription-based site. You pay for the tier of service you want and that’s it. Our purpose is simply to build a community of renters and Listers. We never take a cut of your rental fees.


How and where do you advertise to bring renters to the site?

We target industries that have a particular need for rentable items. This includes wedding and event planners, brides, house stagers, realtors, photographers and stylists.


How much does it cost to rent items?

That depends on the Lister. We don’t set the rates, the rules, or how Listers and renters connect outside of Rentivist. We’re simply the online meeting spot. Listers display the cost of their rentables, but if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact them using the link found on each individual listing.


I found something I want to rent. How does the rental part work?

That’s between you and the Lister. At Rentivist, we respect our Listers’ rights to run their rental businesses how they see fit. Listers set their own terms and you will work with them directly to sign contracts, make payments and arrange transportation of the items. We just ask that all users operate in accordance with our User Agreement + Privacy Policy. Plus, we like to think everyone in our little rental community is here because they have a genuine passion for what they do, and will conduct business with honesty and respect for each other.


I have some thoughts about your site. How can I get in touch?

We want to make this the best experience possible for our renters and Listers. The only way we can do that is by hearing from you. Please contact us with your thoughts, questions, comments, compliments or frustrations. Seriously! The more honest feedback we get, the more we can improve the experience. And mostly, we just love to hear from our users because you’re the reason we’re here, it warms our Rentivist hearts to know you care.

We want your feedback, your thoughts and we promise to listen and do what we can to make tweaks or improvements as needed. with your ideas on ways we can improve the experience your thoughts on our site and feel free to let us know how your using Rentivist to save money for your kid’s college or build your dream business or all the other things that make our Rentivist hearts warm at night.